For his second men’s collection, Fausto Puglisi explores the tumultuous path that took him from the Nord to the South of Italy. The same path that connects all the North to all the South.


To embody the FW 17/18 collection, Fausto introduces a mix of distinguished characters. Vigorous males from the most obscure gyms of Los Angeles united with powerful women of undisputed luxury and sensuality. Clint Eastwood’s Million Dollar Baby meets Tinto Brass’s Caligula. The hard sweat of a ring fight in the lavish court of a roman emperor. The brewing uproar of the suburb spills over the opulence of gold statues and finest marbles.


The collection references sportswear and activewear designs fused with the taste for abundance typical of the brand.  In a very short time, Fausto transcended seamlessly his distinguished signature onto the men’s collection as well.


The total look comes together with a series of iconic Puglisi pieces like the bomber, the motorcycle jacket, the sweatshirt, the jeans and the t-shirt. Each piece tells its own story and it’s interpreted in the new Puglisi language.


Leather cut with terry cloth, new tropical prints with nocturnal colors, the embossed sun, the gold and metal studs and INFERNO t-shirts. With few decisive bold statements. Fausto Puglisi states his uniqueness once again, reaffirming new instinctive approach and his obsession for raw beauty.