Some recurring Fausto Puglisi obsessions in his menswear collections have become an alphabet of signs, crystallized in a universe of symbols, unique and iconic images, inexorably encroaching stages and streets of the world.

For this Spring Summer 2018 collection, the travel in the South of the World passes through the nightlife of Ocean Drive in Miami, some crowded venues where Latino music mixes with rap and hip hop, where differences between ethnic groups and social classes apparently disappear. Clubs and bars where angels and demons cease to be enemies, to live endless party nights where good and evil live an impossible reconciliation.

Suddenly, in the history of this collection there is a digression on the beaches of La Jolla in California,
a well known destination for surfers who live in the sunlight, deep in the colours of the waves and the sand, facing every day with the free spirit of living without specific goals in life but living exactly
the life you want to live.

The collection consists of single items like t-shirt, sweatshirt, shorts and vests that are easy to match
and designed with an accessible language. Iconic Sun prints and Greek-Roman statues are recurring
in new forms together with the brand new tie-dye and an elegant print inspired by rare tropical flowers. The volumes are loose, daily and relaxed. The materials are soft jersey, leather, cotton poplin and silk twill.

Fausto Puglisi has chosen to present his new collection at “Gio Moretti”, one of the historical stores
in Milan, working with one of the most iconic characters of the history of Made in Italy, Ms Giovina Moretti herself, who has always been his supporter and that contributed to the success of many important designers of Italian fashion.