The obsessive rhythm of time passing. The Vertigo of a slow pace through the rooms of a Roman noble mansion. Tapestries, crystal chandeliers, brocade sofas, the swish of robes for powerful noble women, their lovers, the Court’s aristocracy. Fellini's “Roma” mixed with “Petrolio” by  Pasolini. A world that is constantly crushing and reconstructing. The legacy of a century of history forced to co-exist with what comes before and after. A maniacal opulence has become the only language able to speak honestly of the contemporary world.

For this fall winter 2017 collection, Fausto Puglisi has covered impossible paths, working on the exaltation of classic beauty and subtle distortion resulting in those no longer accustomed to his power. A blinding beauty that seems now secluded into closed cabinets and violated by the cruel and distorted reality in the streets.

The emotional explosion of Southern Culture explored in the last collection is cooler, almost frozen but remains the primary impulse of creative drive. Fausto Puglisi’s take on things continues to be sincere and far from a daily narrative that has made us forget that fashion has the immense responsibility of creating dreams.

A crimson velvet brocade suit, embroidered leather and marabou feathers, an absinthe velvet quilted bomber jacket, new two-tone floral prints, total black dresses, leather jackets and ultra-feminine sweatshirts evolve until the final evening dresses that become a sumptuous summary of all items.

A revolutionary and ancient wardrobe fused with everyday modern life.