The specific demand for a slower paced rhythm of the changing seasons of fashion has convinced Fausto Puglisi to present his new collection with a thoughtful exhibition, where the dress becomes the center of the viewer’s attention. This way, you can rediscover the pleasure of slowing down
to see up close the textures, the embroideries, the applications, and understand each garment

on mannequins, as a work in progress of the collection inside the designer’s Atelier.
The collection is inspired by a Grand Tour in the Mediterranean, seen by the archaeologist,
antiquary and British volcanologist Sir William Hamilton, Ambassador to the Court of Naples
at the end of the 18th century. Through the eyes of the expert English collector, Fausto Puglisi rediscovers its Greek and Roman roots through the recognizable sign of his style and decorations, patterns which he resumes on crepe and lurex silk dresses and impalpable shirts as well as on wool sportswear scarfs.
The motifs are repeated on the canvas of white linen – an unusual material for the season - but it turns out as a reworking of the Greek theater, like the costumes of the Medea of Euripides, unexpectedly combined with patent leather on Barbarella-like minidresses.
Inspired by the Futuristic objects designed by Italian artist Fortunato Depero, bold coloured overcoats

and color block dresses work on patchwork combining different contrasting materials, textures and colors: the wool crepe, the mohair bouclé, the patent leather.
The reinterpretation of the classics by Fausto Puglisi can also be seen through the choice of colors
of his early years, with the pool light blue, baby pink, mauve and lime green. The orange with black

of Greek vases is the new dominant colour scheme.

"You need to find new ways to tell the tale of your collections and keep looking for new ways, although sometimes they appear to have been already travelled by many others. This time I decided to stretch the time, leaving the freedom to see and touch my clothes; giving me the chance to meet everyone personally and explain every seam, embroidery and colour choice, without any filters ".